About the authors

Dr Peter Coutts

Dr Peter Coutts is an Australian archaeologist, now retired, with a special interest in the economic and social history of Irish Quakers. He was motivated to write this book when he discovered his own family had Quaker origins on his mother’s side. As he delved further into his family history he was pleasantly surprised to find that he was related to a truly extraordinary family who have and continue to leave their imprint on society at large. Dr Coutts was the foundation Director of the Victoria Archaeological Survey and when he retired in 1986, Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the History Department of LaTrobe University, Victoria, Australia. He is an economic prehistorian, author of a wide range of books and articles that deal with a diversity of subjects mainly, but not confined to, prehistory and historical archaeology in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

Dr Coutts has an entry on wikipedia here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Coutts

Contact: pjfc@tpg.com.au

Alan Watson

Alan Robert Watson, the youngest child of Alister George Douglas Watson, is a descendant of John Watson of Kilconnor in two ways. Like his father Alan set out to be a mathematician, but was diverted by student politics and didn’t do a stroke of academic work. Instead he became president of the University of Warwick Students’ Union and later Treasurer of the UK National Union of Students. After working for the Audit Commission for Local Authorities in England and Wales and taking an MBA, he moved into banking, first at HSBC and then BNP Paribas. He met his wife Yuying (a biology professor) when the bank sent him Taiwan. He left to study Chinese there and still lives in Taipei. A few years ago he became interested in his family history, which now occupies much of his time.

Contact: watson.alan@gmail.com